Methane Gas Systems

Natural gas is transported at high pressures through methane pipelines and generally, to use it, it is necessary to reduce the pressure according to the final use. The decompression and metering systems or the natural gas substations perform the following functions: filtration, preheating, reduction, measurement and odorisation of the gas in Remy type cabins.

  • Filtration
    it has the function of protecting the exchangers (if present), the reducers, the meters and all the equipment downstream of them, trapping the solid and liquid impurities contained in the natural gas.
  • Preheating
    trough the use of heat exchangers the gas is heated before passing through the reducers to avoid their freezing due to the pressure drop, which would lead to breakage.
  • Reduction
    the most important and delicate part, composed of more or less complex appliances which reduce the pressure of the gas flow, they are double and able to guarantee the gas supply if one of them breaks.
  • Measurement
    the measurement systems are made up of 2 important figures: flow meter and conversion system.
  • Odorization
    in gas systems serving distribution networks for generally private uses, a odorisation system is installed, which aims to dilute a liquid, giving odor to methane gas.

After these procedures the gas is distributed to the various uses where it will be possible to install secondary reduction units (second – third jump) for industrial plants.

EMIL GAS, thanks to a long and consolidated experience, is able to design, certify and realize:

cabins for methane gas reduction and metering;
2nd jump reduction groups;
PED certified industrial natural gas processing lines.